ANIMAL LIVES NOW APPEAR MORE PRECIOUS THAN HUMANS – As gun related deaths and violence hit epidemic level in America.

No known war or external aggression is currently ongoing in the world’s most advanced democracy and largest economy. However, over ...
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Love, Marriage & Divorce Rates

Talking about Today's Relationships & Divorce Rates;I saw a post recently - a picture of a couple apparently taken in ...
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Another Blackman shot in America as his children watch from the car – Sounds familiar?

Rhetoric, hypocrisy, politics. Black Lives Matter during the day, White lives are supreme at night. Those are the clear interpretations ...
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Martins Ogbu Honoured as Ambassador for Peace

Martins showing his certificate as Ambassador for Peace The Chief Executive of Blue Rose Media and Anchor, “A Chat with ...
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Nigeria 2019 in view – Might we have been cursed with leadership?

As I look back four years from 2014 into the administration of the entity called Nigeria - the country of ...
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NIGERIA – A Country of Criminals OR Intellectuals?

The name Nigeria elicits instant or spontaneous reactions all over the world. Nigeria is perhaps the most popular country on ...
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I have read with dismay so many articles full of lies and misleading information on why Nnamdi Kanu and other ...
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Nigeria@57 Or Chaos@50?

The uncertainties surrounding Nigeria's socio-economic life in the last couple of weeks have left so many Nigerians (including myself) in ...
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