BLUE ROSE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is a composite Media, Entertainment and consultancy outfit which was essentially set up to bridge the yearning gap between producers/service providers and consumers, government and governed as well as professionals and students. It was set up to deploy the instrument of the media (print and electronic) as agents of change, to achieve these goals through well researched, quality contents.

The company was established in Nigeria in 1999, first as an enterprise (Blue Rose Productions) and later incorporated as Blue Rose Media Productions Limited in 2003 with RC No. 472864. The company was founded by a versatile, seasoned administrator and sound professional who has used his wealth of experience to develop the company from almost nothing to the enviable leadership position it occupies in the Media industry today.

The Company was established to spice up the media industry especially in the areas of; 1. TV/Radio Programming 2. Documentaries 3. Adverts Production (Electronic/Print) 4. Audio-Visual Post Productions 5. Soaps and Movies (production + distribution). Other services include; Supply of Professional/Engineering Equipment, Media & Marketing Consultancy, Public Relations, Printing & Publishing, Tourism & Investment promotion, Recreation & Entertainment, Modelling & Career Counselling, and Events Packaging & Promotions.

In May, 2020, the company was incorporated with the Washington DC government in United States as a Corporation, with the objectives of extending its operation, to include; an African content channel for American audience.

Our Vision

To use the instrument of media to create a lasting impression that will encourage good governance in Africa and promote quality leadership in the corporate world through our works.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading, quality service provider in broadcasting and other professional areas, including; TV/Radio Content development, Media/Marketing Consultancy, Printing and Publishing, Events and related media, marketing and entertainment services, as well as ownership of Radio/TV channels, manufacturing and distribution of professional equipment for use in Media, Engineering and Science Industries.

Our Services

has delivered and will continue to deliver in the following areas;
  1. TV/Radio Programming – We have produced a number of Television programmes to include; “A Chat with the Professional”, and “Just Shopping”, a weekly Business Directory on Television, “Around the World with Martins”, etc.
  2.  Documentaries – NASB (2001), Ifesinachi (2000), NICON HILTON (2004) NAIP (2008), etc.
  3.  Adverts Production (Electronic/Print) – Jo-Jo Dog Food, Hilton Edge, IFEX Courier, Ekwos Transport, Nanet Suites, Nanet Hotels, etc.
  4.  Audio-Visual Post Productions – TV Programmes, Adverts, Musicals, Numerous Events packaging & DVD/CD Mastering and Mass Production, as well as content digitization.
  5.  Soaps and Movies (production + distribution) – On-going.

Supply of Professional/Engineering Equipment, Media & Marketing Consultancy, Public Relations, Printing & Publishing, Tourism, Recreation & Entertainment, Modelling & Career Counselling, Events Packaging & Promotions.


The company also offers Equipment & Transport Rental Services for TV, Advert and Movie Crews.


We operate commercial online Television Channels (TheBluerosetv & BRM Entertainment TV) on both youtube, bluerosemediang.com and tv.bluerosemediang.com

Did you miss any of our TV shows? We have uploaded several episodes for your delight. “A Chat with the Professional”, “Just Shopping” and other programs are just a click away.  Click here to watch all the videos right here on our website.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy 90%

Our strategies are target driven. We make our clients stand out among competitors with originality. Our solutions are comprehensive and cover every aspect of your business. We help you make an impression with your customers and clients through unparalleled innovation and creativity.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance 80%

We know your brand is important to you. That’s why Blue Rose Media is with you every step of the way to ensure your businesses move in the direction of choice. We are your trusted source for total media solutions. Give us your brief and go to sleep, while we take you there.

Our Philosophy

Professionalism & Productivity are the key words. Our ultimate desire is to help our clients achieve returns that equal efforts. Jingles & Loyalty Rewards are excellent ways to build brand recognition & engage new customers. At BRM, we understand the terrain & assist our clients in making the best of each.