2020 US Election – Collapse of Democracy imminent, if…

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The United States of America was before now revered as a global watchdog for enthronement and sustenance of democracy. However, as they say in Nigeria, the storm has since revealed that the traditional catholic priests known for flowing cloaks do equally wear pants under. “Breeze don blow, fowl nyash come open”.

Will America’s soul be restored in 2021, or will MAGA/America first remain the slogan?

The election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States has among others exposed the level of dirt in American politics. The hypocrisy visited the African continent in particular, by the west, over the years, has of a sudden become the bane of the country’s governance. The flip-flop of politicians on issues that hitherto were referred to as “ideologies” are stunning. It’s no longer distinct who is liberal and who’s conservative.

In my article during the 2016 US electioneering campaign titled; “The GOP and the Trumpeter of American Politics”, I had predicted a possible Donald Trump presidency even when all major polls at the time were in favor of Hilary Clinton. I had equally predicted the end of the Republican Party as known then if Trump won. That prediction did not mean the party will cease to exist. It was predicated upon the fact that President Trump’s ideologies and views were not in complete sync with the original or traditional conservatives.

Trump’s presidency has brought to the fore, the level of hypocrisy among American politicians. It is clear that all that matters is winning elections and remaining politically relevant, and not much of principles, beliefs or ideology. The people don’t really matter except to the extent they’re needed to win. The quest for power at all cost is no longer native only to Africa or the Banana Republic as always insinuated. Politicians are the same all over the world. Unfortunately, however, the current happenings in the United States have in no small measure exposed the country to ridicule, and made nonsense of US status as custodian or promoter of democracy and good governance in the world. So many bad leaders across the world have been emboldened by the clear lack of strict adherence to democratic ideals especially by members of congress.

When two elephants fight, the grass suffers.

Truth be told; should Trump lose his reelection bid, Republican members of congress should be held responsible, for being all-yes members and not doing enough to guide him as a new politician in Washington. Many cases of error of judgment were never corrected or objected to. They made every situation a political tool to affirm winning, putting party politics above national interest. President Trump could have performed much better should Republican members of Congress had tried to hold him accountable on issues that mattered to the people. His mistakes would have been accommodated as such.

From mail-in ballots to suggestions for postponement of elections, there are visible temptations with unguarded utterances by politicians, which could trigger violence and a rough transition of power come January 2021.

The danger of current political tension in the United States is that democracy may be on the verge of imminent collapse globally should anything go wrong during and after the November elections. The level of hate in speeches and the evidential dangers of excessive freedom, both in speech and action seem to increasingly be setting the stage for chaos in the otherwise God’s own country.

America must wake up and realize that there’s order even in heaven. The current Covid-19 pandemic should be a lesson. Had America and Americans showed some restraints and respect for the well being of others and not focused on “self”, the spread wouldn’t have been as much and as deadly. Needless to say; that excessive freedom of speech and lifestyle is becoming a major issue that could affect America’s growth and leadership status in the global political and economic stage. A stitch in time saves nine.

Save Democracy America. The world is watching.

Martins Ogbu

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